Raise your vibration with Tao facial yoga and the alchemy of your body and become a manifesto of your reality.

Well-being, beautiful relationships are the result of the functioning of your glands and hormonal system or your vibration. When we turn on the glands in the head and activate our hormonal system it comes all the way to us (health, love, abundance, beautiful interpersonal relationships).

By practicing Tao facial yoga and internal alchemy techniques we balance our hormones (activate sex hormones, raise oxytocin, balance cortisol (stress hormone), etc.), activate the glands in the head, ignite 5 women or 5 men in you, get more energy, feel the more positive emotions, the more focused and focused we are. With these exercises we also raise our vibration. It is therefore important that we begin to consciously focus our attention on the issues, the goals we want to achieve. Through exercise, we visualize the energy we want to be in. The brain does not differentiate whether we experience it or just think about it, the same chemical reactions are triggered in the body. If we think our lives are in danger, our cortisol rises even if we are in fact in a safe environment. At the same time, with these techniques we switch from the sympathetic nervous system to the parasympathetic, which works very meditatively and relaxing on us.

Everything in the universe is energy and vibration, so are you. The same attracts the same and your vibration brings certain experiences, people and situations into your life. When you’re on a low vibration, you attract negative people and situations into your life, and you feel tired, angry, in fear, and through under stress. But when you’re on a high vibration, you see positive things in your life. You are grateful and open to the blessings that come into your life. Nowadays, it is even more important to raise the vibration. When you do this, you get rid of fear and you are ready to face and arrange everything that comes your way in life. To be able to change our reality we can change our thinking, our well-being and change our self-image. Each cell of the body emits its own frequency and diseased cells are at low vibration and healthy ones at high. So to be able to raise our vibration we can heal our body, we can start thinking differently, we can activate the glands in our head so we can feel differently, we can regulate our hormones. It’s that simple.

It is important that we begin to consciously create our own lives and become the creator of our own reality. When we realize that it is all within us that we can access the kingdom within us and raise our lives to a higher level full of abundance.